A Thought or Two on Preparing for the end of 2020

It is important to note that as the fourth quarter gets underway there is the potential for tax-loss selling in parts of the markets like International and Small Cap and Closed end funds later in November and December. Tax-loss selling is when investors sell securities to realize losses for tax […]

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Tax Planning in an Election Year

It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins The Election – Higher Taxes Are Expected, So Get Ready. Every four years when the U.S. presidential election approaches, Americans must think about the vast implications of the potential presidential outcome. With the economy struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, candidates’ proposed tax policies […]

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Covid Update for this week

Key takeaways from the Covid Update this week (above)… * Every region of the country is taking a turn with a pattern of high daily reported cases. The Midwest is now taking their turn as the leader.* Daily reported positives as a percent of the total tests have moved back […]

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What is high impact philanthropy?

Perhaps the biggest misconception that people have about philanthropy is that good intentions and a lot of money mean a lot of impact. But you don’t need Bill Gates’ money or Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity to effect meaningful change through philanthropy.  Philanthropy is a great tool for family health and Matt […]

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Are Your Professionals Set Up to Be Exceptional?

You want to work with top advisors and other professionals who are capable of helping you fully pursue your key goals. Here’s how to size them up—and the three key traits they all should possess. As always, standing by to be of any assistance.

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