A 360 Family Office Update

As 2020 closes a new adventure begins with our main office moving.  The decision was driven by many factors. A critical one was a opportunity to affiliate with some exciting partners in a new city – Boise, Idaho. This is an exciting growing city because of the moderate weather and […]

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Covid Tracker 12.18.2020

The top line in test results took a big dip off a really straight upward trajectory. Deaths per positive test remain low compared to the early months. The timeline for the vaccine is record setting and of some note is the fact that while two vaccines are approved, one of […]

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Family Giving & Philanthropy

I came across this very interesting and informative article and guide from Fidelity Charitable that I wanted to share… Philanthropy is a powerful way for families to pass along shared beliefs and values. It also provides unique opportunities for family members of all generations to spend time together, collaborate, and […]

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The AI Revolution Has Started & Is On Sale Now…

I got this note in an email today and thought it was interesting enough to share this thought from John Mauldin… “The new iPhone 12 Pro that Apple has just released is stuffed to the max with visionary technology. Not only is it 5G-ready, it also uses cutting-edge AI computer […]

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A Thought or Two on Preparing for the end of 2020

It is important to note that as the fourth quarter gets underway there is the potential for tax-loss selling in parts of the markets like International and Small Cap and Closed end funds later in November and December. Tax-loss selling is when investors sell securities to realize losses for tax […]

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