Markets and Outlooks

Covid Tracker 12.18.2020

The top line in test results took a big dip off a really straight upward trajectory. Deaths per positive test remain low compared to the early months. The timeline for the vaccine is record setting and of some note is the fact that while two vaccines are approved, one of […]

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Tax Planning in an Election Year

It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins The Election – Higher Taxes Are Expected, So Get Ready. Every four years when the U.S. presidential election approaches, Americans must think about the vast implications of the potential presidential outcome. With the economy struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, candidates’ proposed tax policies […]

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Covid Update for this week

Key takeaways from the Covid Update this week (above)… * Every region of the country is taking a turn with a pattern of high daily reported cases. The Midwest is now taking their turn as the leader.* Daily reported positives as a percent of the total tests have moved back […]

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360° Market Commentary

The MarketsLast week, the third quarter of 2020 came to an end – and the fourth quarter delivered a doozy of an October surprise. President Trump has the coronavirusOn Friday Americans awoke to the news President Trump had contracted COVID-19. Financial markets responded with relative equanimity. After a brief sell-off […]

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Once again there is news from the fear reduction department at 360 Family Office. Two things that stood out this week…the CDC says that for each positive test reported – between 6 and 14 people are also positive. Their best guess is around 23% of the US has already been […]

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