A 360 Family Office Update

As 2020 closes a new adventure begins with our main office moving.  The decision was driven by many factors. A critical one was a opportunity to affiliate with some exciting partners in a new city – Boise, Idaho. This is an exciting growing city because of the moderate weather and […]

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A Thought or Two on Preparing for the end of 2020

It is important to note that as the fourth quarter gets underway there is the potential for tax-loss selling in parts of the markets like International and Small Cap and Closed end funds later in November and December. Tax-loss selling is when investors sell securities to realize losses for tax […]

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Covid Tracker 09.18.20

The 4 facts that jumped off the page …. Mobility is going up and there is an obvious outcome. Heart issues caused by the flu are a serious number. Grateful that children are so protected compared to the last pandemic. Only 2 States have more than 10% of Inpatient Beds […]

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