A New Nuclear Reality

I had a fascinating experience in a Rotary meeting this past week. The presenter was from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) which is the only such lab in the USA. He showed us the future of nuclear power which was designed to be super safe and clean; how it works […]

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Setting Expectations for 2021

The question we are posing is as follows: Is it possible that the announcement of the FDA-approved vaccines and the talk of additional financial stimulus helped claw some of 2021’s potential gains back into 2020? When you factor in the slow launch of the vaccines, it is worth a thought. […]

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COVID News – This Week

Strange news from the new administration. Johnson & Johnson announces an emergency application for a single shot Vaccine and this would be a big deal in the middle of a deadly pandemic. The FDA said, sure lets do a hearing three weeks from now. Really they have so many things […]

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A 360 Family Office Update

As 2020 closes a new adventure begins with our main office moving.  The decision was driven by many factors. A critical one was a opportunity to affiliate with some exciting partners in a new city – Boise, Idaho. This is an exciting growing city because of the moderate weather and […]

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A Thought or Two on Preparing for the end of 2020

It is important to note that as the fourth quarter gets underway there is the potential for tax-loss selling in parts of the markets like International and Small Cap and Closed end funds later in November and December. Tax-loss selling is when investors sell securities to realize losses for tax […]

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Covid Tracker 09.18.20

The 4 facts that jumped off the page …. Mobility is going up and there is an obvious outcome. Heart issues caused by the flu are a serious number. Grateful that children are so protected compared to the last pandemic. Only 2 States have more than 10% of Inpatient Beds […]

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