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Mutual Fund Landscape
Dimensional’s 2019 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have outperformed their primary benchmarks after costs—and among top-ranked funds based on past results.
The Business of Celebrity
With Shaquille O'Neal
This Will Attract People to Your Brand
With Don Miller
What It Takes To Be Number One
With Vince Lombardi
The Mastermind Principle
With Napoleon Hill
Strategic Coach
Dan Sullivan
Words of Wisdom
with John Wooden

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My New Healthcare Relationship

I have a new Primary Care Physician with a different title – “Concierge Physician (CP)”. The title brings with it a new format to my healthcare relationship. My CP is Dr. Rosen in Calabasas who is on a monthly retainer to care for my family. Concierge Medicine is an exclusive relationship, but it is not only about being a prestige service, it is all about the preventative health process. He is committed to a new idea – protect and prevent – don’t wait for the problem to arrive unanticipated.  How do I avoid common pitfalls, how do I stay healthy,

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Reclaim Your Time

The “work first, life second” mantra guides too many of us these days. This report explores how your clients and prospective clients can reclaim their time and create a fulfilling life for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Four Types of Financial Advisors

Which one should you work with? We find that, by and large, people seeking financial advice know to look for a financial advisor who has high levels of integrity and who wants to do what is in their clients’ best interest at all times. But it seems that fewer people pay attention to the orientation of their financial advisor candidates. As a result, they may risk choosing an advisor who isn’t a great fit. Here’s a look at four different types of advisors you are likely to encounter and how they stack up against each other in some key areas.

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A Ray of Informed Perspective

The attachment illustrates why we do not panic when others do…a historic perspective and experience is in hand and what you can reasonably expect for the future performance has been studied before and is illustrated in this attachment. Standing by if I can be of any assistance.

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