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Mutual Fund Landscape
Dimensional’s 2019 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have outperformed their primary benchmarks after costs—and among top-ranked funds based on past results.
The Business of Celebrity
With Shaquille O'Neal
This Will Attract People to Your Brand
With Don Miller
What It Takes To Be Number One
With Vince Lombardi
The Mastermind Principle
With Napoleon Hill
Strategic Coach
Dan Sullivan
Words of Wisdom
with John Wooden

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What is Faith-Based Healthcare?

Unlike traditional health insurance, these plans do not “insure” people but rather “share” healthcare costs among a large pool of people. Members pay into the system and upon receiving a bill from their physician other members of the plan will contribute to help pay the bill. Does Faith-Based Healthcare Cover Essential Health Benefits? Faith-based healthcare is not ACA-compliant and does not have to cover the essential health benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These plans are grandfathered into the ACA. This means that enrollees are exempt from the individual mandate penalty usually associated with non-ACA plans. ACA does set certain requirements for

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To Excel in Business, Become a Super Rich-Level Problem Solver

Great report on how to solve problems in your business. As a business owner, you know that problems are inevitable. I saw this report on how some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs show a remarkable ability to view problems through the right lens—dealing with them in ways that boost their success and stop those problems from cropping up again in the future. I hope you find it useful in running your own business. It’s published by BSW Inner Circle, a global financial concierge group I have on retainer to keep me up to date on the latest research and strategies for addressing

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How Playing the Long Game Could Help Build Wealth and Success

Many extremely wealthy people have a much better handle than others on a key concept of success: the long game. The long game means having a concrete vision of your ideal future down the road—years or even decades from now—and taking specific, carefully considered action steps at every stage along the way to maximize your ability to get there. Unfortunately, we find that most people don’t effectively plot out their financial futures, or lay out a clear and actionable path to follow. As a result, people often come up with scenarios that are as unrealistic as they are attractive—fantasies that

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Have a Trust? You Might Need a Trust Protector!

Insightful report about safeguarding your trust. I saw this report about how important it can be to have a trust protector for your trust. A trust protector ensures that a trustee is always acting ethically—and can fire the trustee if he or she spots misconduct. Having a trust protector can add in an important safeguard for your wealth. Trusts are overseen by trustees. But who is keeping an eye on those trustees to ensure they’re not exploiting you and stealing your wealth? If your answer is “no one” or “I don’t know,” it may be time to consider adding a

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