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Mutual Fund Landscape
Dimensional’s 2019 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have outperformed their primary benchmarks after costs—and among top-ranked funds based on past results.
The Business of Celebrity
With Shaquille O'Neal
This Will Attract People to Your Brand
With Don Miller
What It Takes To Be Number One
With Vince Lombardi
The Mastermind Principle
With Napoleon Hill
Strategic Coach
Dan Sullivan
Words of Wisdom
with John Wooden

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Turning Arguments into Meaningful Discussions

Fights—in business and in life—rarely get us the outcomes we most want. A better approach: Use a three-step process for de-escalating tensions and finding ways to work together cooperatively. Check out this pdf to learn more, and as always, standing by if you’d like to discuss further.

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“We, the Family”: The Benefits of a Family Constitution

Wealth and family can be a tricky mix. Affluence can help families achieve great things and realize their shared vision, of course. But it also can create resentments and rifts that could potentially damage a family’s financial position and cause estrangement among family members. What’s more, as wealthy families grow and expand over time, one big issue is keeping them and their shared capital together. Sometimes the wealth remains commingled because of legal structures, such as multigenerational trusts. However, family members who feel wronged in some way may take legal action to try to break such trusts—creating still greater family

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Path to Carbon Free Power Generation 2035

When I was a little boy of 18 years old I had a experience for the summer as a solar power salesperson. What that meant was to go out to homes all over the smoking hot san Fernando Valley and ask people if they knew about how solar power could heat their pool and replace the hot water heater and how the State and Federal tax credits would pay for it. I wore a “Angel FLight” suit and new shoes and had a very small impact of the citizenry. What it did teach me was a lot about renewable energy

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