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Mutual Fund Landscape
Dimensional’s 2019 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have outperformed their primary benchmarks after costs—and among top-ranked funds based on past results.
The Business of Celebrity
With Shaquille O'Neal
This Will Attract People to Your Brand
With Don Miller
What It Takes To Be Number One
With Vince Lombardi
The Mastermind Principle
With Napoleon Hill
Strategic Coach
Dan Sullivan
Words of Wisdom
with John Wooden

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Do You Have the Right Amount of Property Coverage?

There are endless commercials on tv – think Liberty Mutual and Geico. They serve to inspire the thought for me – Do I have the right amount of property coverage? This question is an important one to ask each year. Life changes and the passage of time can affect the cost of rebuilding your home or replacing your vehicle. Want to make sure you’d be covered in the case of an unexpected event? Take a quick look at these examples and reach out if you’d like to check in. These questions and encouragement came from Jim Simonds at Arroyo Insurance

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A New Nuclear Reality

I had a fascinating experience in a Rotary meeting this past week. The presenter was from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) which is the only such lab in the USA. He showed us the future of nuclear power which was designed to be super safe and clean; how it works was really different from the old nuclear reactors; so the US Military can now put a reactor on a plane or truck and bring power to anywhere they need it.  Communities can have access to clean energy on demand and safely because the design is so different. Speaking of design,

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Reddit, Robin Hood and Democracy meet and there is a loser…

Premise one – everyone should be allowed to do what they want – it is a free market. Let’s examine together A Reddit topic Board decides to promote a coordinated attack by its readers on short sellers because they have suddenly become evil. Are the short sellers evil or did the Reddit Board authors intend to profit from the buying volume which would inflate the price? Does Robin hood have an obligation to protect it’s clients best interest? It does if the clients agreed to it. Did Robin Hood or TD Ameritrade clients agree to that oversight? Did Robin Hood

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Setting Expectations for 2021

The question we are posing is as follows: Is it possible that the announcement of the FDA-approved vaccines and the talk of additional financial stimulus helped claw some of 2021’s potential gains back into 2020? When you factor in the slow launch of the vaccines, it is worth a thought. Having said all of that, we are still optimistic for a prosperous year in the equities markets in 2021. What is the current environment seems like a good first step. The quick approval of two new vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been encouraging and additional vaccines

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