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Mutual Fund Landscape
Dimensional’s 2019 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have outperformed their primary benchmarks after costs—and among top-ranked funds based on past results.
The Business of Celebrity
With Shaquille O'Neal
This Will Attract People to Your Brand
With Don Miller
What It Takes To Be Number One
With Vince Lombardi
The Mastermind Principle
With Napoleon Hill
Strategic Coach
Dan Sullivan
Words of Wisdom
with John Wooden

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ESG Investing – What is our 2021 plan?

Exciting things are happening in this space for 2021. When review the attachment you will note there are many approaches to ESG investing. The green energy sector is one way to approach the issue. There are also ESG “screens” that identify socially sensitive practices and try to replace holdings with negative attributes with positive attribute firms. That can be things like energy and social issues. Your 360 Family Office is introducing several new investment themes for portfolios. One of them is a sustainable energy investment theme. It turns out that there are some investable approaches that are really interesting. One

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COVID News – This Week

Strange news from the new administration. Johnson & Johnson announces an emergency application for a single shot Vaccine and this would be a big deal in the middle of a deadly pandemic. The FDA said, sure lets do a hearing three weeks from now. Really they have so many things going on they cannot do a hearing to save lives for three weeks? Additionally if you take a look at the above weekly update the rate of vaccinations has turned down. Strange from people who have told me every day they have a plan to do it better and they

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You Need a Cohesive Wealth Management Team. Here’s Why.

Chances are, you know that you likely need to tap the expertise of multiple professionals to pursue optimal financial results in your life. That’s because finding one single professional with the full depth and breadth of knowledge required to effectively address all of your wealth management needs and wants—especially the complex ones—can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Such a person probably doesn’t exist. That’s why you may already be working with a diverse group of advisors—which might include wealth managers, accountants, attorneys and other specialists. But it’s not enough to simply hire a bunch of

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3 Things That Will Make 2021 an Improvement

Remember 2020…things still act the same no matter what year.  Buy things out of favor. Trust the past and don’t be too quick to change and chase the trend. Work harder at the short end of the income curve.  Saving and accumulating is one thing – spending and decumulating are a separate experience.  When we segregate spending over the final 30 years, cash needs to earn returns beyond 0.25%. The good news – while it is not easy to find opportunities, spending a lot of time and effort to do so is delivering a big and safe advantage to clients.

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